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XIAOMI Hongmi 1S will cost just $99.99 in flash sale

 In a bid to grab a new wave of customers, cheap quad core phone XIAOMI Hongmi 1Sare offering their newest phone release in a flash sale for only $99.99. From Saturday, 1st August, XIAOMI and resellers will be offering a total of 10,00 XIAOMI Hongmi 1S smartphones at an introductory price of only $99.99. Officially the new phone, with 64bit chip, should cost $139.99 so potential customers have the chance to save $40 on this new handset. XIAOMI recently released the full specifications for the XIAOMI MI3 Android 4.2 OS. The smartphone comes with a 5.5-inch HD display, 64bit quad-core MT6735 chipset, 2GB RAM, dual SIM support and a large 3000mAh battery. p1-pro_frontpage banner Android 5.1 Lollipop comes loaded on the stylish Watch Phones, while photo duties are handled by a 13 mega-pixel rear sensor and 5 mega-pixel front. More details of the XIAOMI Hongmi 1S and the sale can be found on the official XIAOMI website.

Nubia’s new 8000mAh power banks come in a variety of colors

Power banks have, of late, become boring and tedious. Most are just (grey) metal slabs with a lot of weight to them. ZTE’s ZTE Blade S6 seems to want to bring a change on that front. Which is perhaps why the new 8000mAh power banks from Nubia feature colorful exteriors. The fast-charge enabled power banks will come in Lava Black, Elegant White, Vibrant Orange, and Blue Sand color variants. The ZTE V5 max 4G LTE phone 8000mAh power bank was launched alongside the Nubia My Prague to give its users the convenience of mobile charging — something that a lot of companies have been looking to do lately. Fast charge, contrary to what you would’ve probably imagined, is for the input port of the power bank. The device can be charged at 2.1A/5V, and can output current at up to 1.5A/5V. Moving on to the price part, you’ll probably be disappointed to know that the 8000mAh power bank is priced 129 Yuan (US$21) in China, making ZTE one of the more expensive options around. But then, what other power bank will give you the myriad of color options to choose from?

XIAOMI MI3 Snapdragon 800 ‘snap up’ sale sees 20,000 registrations (so far)

 Every company is having a little flash sale thing of their going on. Like a couple other Chinese companies,XIAOMI MI3 Snapdragon 800are among those that have ‘rediscovered’ themselves in the recent past and are going all out with marketing their products. The XIAOMI Be Touch is a fairly recent phone, but as you might already know there’s already the XIAOMI MI3 Snapdragon 800 that the company is selling. The XIAOMI MI3 Snapdragon 800 is scheduled to go on sale tomorrow, i.e., 14th July for a discounted price of US$179.99. A total of 10,000 units of the XIAOMI MI3 Snapdragon 800 will be made available to ‘lucky’ buyers. According to stats from Xiaomi M2S smartphone, 20,000 participants have already registered for the sale. To ensure smooth operation, XIAOMI has teamed up with a total of 38 online stores, including 28 standalone web-shops and 10 Aliexpress sellers. The ‘snap up’ aka flash sale will start 17:00 GTM+8 on July 14, so set your alarms if you’re keen on getting yourself a discounted 5.7 inch smartphone at the introductory price. You can learn more about the XIAOMI MI3 Snapdragon 800 here.

ThL 4000 Cardboard will cost 99 INR in India (remains free for international users)

ThL 4000 will be launching their second phone i.e., the the ThL 4000 on the 22nd this month. Since its ThL 4000 we’re talking about, the launch won’t be a run-of-the-mill media event, but something where even the ‘fans’ can participate. ThL 4000 has now announced pricing details for the Cardboard (Google Cardboard alternative) for Indian buyers. The lightweight headset will be available to international customers (in countries where ThL T6S Pro ships) free-of-cost via the ThL 4000online store; if you’re in India however, you’ll have to shell out 99 INR (US$1.5) plus shipping. International buyers too will have to pay for shipping. If you aren’t in a mood to pay up, however, and feel lucky, there’s also a contest going on till the 3rd of July where ThL 4000 will be giving away 1000 sets of ThL 4000Cardboard free of cost (and yeah, they won’t ask for shipping fees too). More information about the contest can be found on the ThL 4000forums. On the other hand, India buyers can find info on the THL SALE blog about how to get the Cardboard via Amazon.

Only Huawei Honor 6 Plus listed MTK6595 + 5.2 inch screen


Remove Huawei, Lenovo, Cool and other second-tier manufacturers, small and medium firms under the vast majority of the physical channel traces few high-profile flagship 3GB RAM Huawei Honor 6 Plus will be introduced, in the absence of brand premium case, the higher cost also means higher risk . Of course, things are always exceptions, as the only rice weiimi phone, the brand recently listed a new machine, the machine is the same type of positioning of the product in a rare high-profile models. The machine model is the only meter Huawei Honor 6 Plus, in the official promotional materials, found the machine equipped with a 2GHz main frequency eight-core processor, and businesses certainty of representation, only Huawei Honor 6 Plus built MTK MT6595 eight-core processor, outside Meizu, Lenovo and a few other brands,HUAWEI Honor 4 Play other manufacturers to use MT6595 situation is quite rare, because now we will fall into children's peg 64 market has. In addition to carrying While people; accident; the processor, official data show, only Huawei Honor 6 Plus selected rare 5.25-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720, memory specifications mainstream, with 2G RAM + 16G ROM with, equipment 5000000 +1300 megapixel camera with a 2600 mA battery, support mobile 4G network. System is based on Android 4.44 customization, integrated double-click the HOME key lock screen, three fingers cut screen, dual micro-channel landing and Hotkont functions. In appearance, the aircraft hit a slim body thickness of only 5.9mm, has a metal frame, from the real vifocal news photos is easy to see, visual front of the machine frame design, color aspects may choose white + gold or gold edition . The official quoted the aircraft up to 2699 yuan, but the price retailers will become closer, only a thousand or so.

Jiayu G6 unboxing and first impressions

What a week for unboxing videos! Today we have another for you this time it is the Jiayu G6, check it out in this hands on and unboxing.

Jiayu sprung in to action this year with the launch of the Jiayu M52. The phone shot to stardom for offering 2GB RAM, MT6752 processor and other decent hardware features at only $159.99. Reviews of the phone were good too, but as time has moved on there have been problems with updates which has taken the sheen from the brand.

Jiayu G6 review

Next up, and ahead of the flagship Jiayu M7, is the Jiayu G6. Oddly the Jiayu G6 costs the same as the M52, but features a quad-core processor. The reason for this, Jiayu say, is because they have paid more attention to the build and material of the Jiayu G6. On paper the Jiayu G6 does appear to offer a better quality construction with a metal chassis and 2.5D glass display, but what about in your hand?

Jiayu G6 review

The phone we received is an early release model, and upon opening the box it is clear to see what Jiayu were going for with the design. The 5.5-incher looks just like the Samsung Galaxy note 4 even down to the physical home button and faux leather on the rear panel.

Jiayu G6 review Jiayu G6 review
Jiayu G6 review
Basing the design on a flagship from last year has meant the Jiayu G6 does look a little dated. The white model we have is all that eye-catching either, but a more subtle and business like black version is also available.

Jiayu G6 unboxing and first impressions

First impressions for the Jiayu G6 are mixed. Although we have a metal chassis and 2.5D glass display our sample doesn’t feel very well put together. The metal frame sits a little to high in relation to the curve of the display, and all the button rattle and jiggle in the body.

Jiayu G6 review

mtk6582 quad core JIAYU G2F Android 5.0 out of the box is a clear highlight to the Jiayu G6, and so far it feels snappy, but I cannot comment on stability just yet as I haven’t really put it through its paces. I have been informed that there is an update for the Jiayu G6 which fixes YouTube crashes which I will try.

At $159.99, Jiayu are going head to head with some serious devices. The UMi eMax costs the same but boasts a larger battery and 5.5-inch 1080 display, then there is the Bluboo X550 with similar specs and fast charging 5300mAh battery. We’ll have to see how well the Jiayu G6 Watch Phones is in our full review, and in comparison to those other phones, but so far we are betting on the rivals.

ZOPO C5 running Windows 10 in a new hands-on video!

Back in March Microsoft revealed that ZOPO C5 will be working with ZOPO in China to test Windows 10. Now a new video of the device running the OS emerges.

Microsoft made a smart move in an attempt to attract attention to its new Windows 10 OS for smartphones in China by establishing a partnership with ZOPO. Since the orginal annoucement we had seen leaked images, but now a video showing Windows 10 on the ZOPO C5 has been posted online:
From the video we can see the Windows 10 on ZOPO C5 is still in its early stages, which makes sense, since the ZOPO MINIHEI 3X system system is still in Beta even on Microsoft handsets. We can also see some of the system applications running on the device, the caller is working well, the message application, Internet Explorer, Windows Store and even Office are working flawlessly on the device.

Currently the OS should be available only to beta testers, but we keep our fingers crossed for an official public launch soon.

What’s your opinion on Windows 10? Would you like to see more Chinese phone makers embrace the alternate Quad Core Phone OS?

Thanks to Simon for the tip!

Quick 15 second teaser for the Lenovo Warrior A8 doesn't show whips but does show the leather

A 15-second Korean video teaser for the Lenovo Warrior A8 promotes the leather back edition of the handset. Lenovo's new flagship phone will be unveiled on April 28th at a media event in New York City. A huge leak earlier this month revealed a number of images showing the leather backed device along with images of the phone in metallic black, silk white, shine gold, burgundy red and moon violet.

The teaser shows how the "Genuine Leather" is cut and stitched for the 3GB RAM Lenovo K920, although we're pretty sure that this is not done by hand for each individual unit. The reason why the teaser shows April 29th as the unveiling date has to do with the difference in time between New York City and South Korea.

The Lenovo Warrior A8 features a 5.5-inch LCD display carrying a 1440 x 2560 resolution (QHD). That works out to a pixel density of 534ppi. The hexa-core Snapdragon 808 CPU will be under the hood with the Adreno 418 GPU crunching graphics. 3GB of RAM is onboard and a 3000mAh battery will keep the lights on. Lenovo has already confirmed that the rear camera will be a 16MP snapper with an aperture of f/1.8 allowing it to take quality shots even under low light conditions. Rugged Phones An 8MP camera will adorn the front of the unit.

Now, if you're ready for 15 seconds of leather, click on the video below!

The new Lenovo S650 VIBE is coming with slim body

Compared with the Lenovo S650 VIBE brand new Diechu rapidly, cool loyalists products (except ivvi brand new machine) has not been much impressive available, Lenovo S650 VIBE is a hero, in addition to 100 yuan entry-level products for the operator channel there are many, but it is not on the table. But the new machine cool front is the series of reminded everyone interested, cool said a new generation of products will be the first front is a mysterious and high-end technology, the new levy has launched some time ago, recently there have been more information surfaced. Cool official publication of the latest front is the series of new information, the suspected front is the new machine close-up view, the new machine does not have the accident will provide gold version, the screen left and right border is still the Y series of products using the recent similar borderless design - that is, into the black screen frame design, and com. the main screen. But this cheap Lenovo S820 corner radian, side design and the Y76 models are very similar, one can recognize the same products. To remove a suspected new pictures; thin all; four words may imply that front is the new will have thin thickness, and may have reached a new height, can go beyond the door ivvi S6 5.5mm is open to question. Needs to be pointed out is, the emergence of new front is the new machine design sketch picture with earlier access to large, it seems they are not the same product, especially the design of the top of the fuselage has no common. Cool mobile phone made it clear that the front is the new machines will be listed in the near future, and there will be surprises;;Rugged Phones along with the arrival of the above questions, and surprise;; will soon be announced.

ThL T6S Pro phone more real machine Shots sure no "flywheel"


ThL long silence suddenly announced to join hands to create a new smart phone YUNOS after the news came out, buyThL T6S Pro quickly attracted a lot of users of the hot, with a unique design concept YUNOS machine has been out of a lot of the limelight in the MWC, as ThL T6S Pro phones Appearances do the perfect bedding. YUNOS well known concept of machine design is the most characteristic side; flywheel;, except instead of the traditional volume keys to adjust the volume to achieve, combined with a custom carousel shortcut menu system, but also to achieve fast turn different functions, be regarded as a special stand alone and practical industrial design. Because the official called the phone ThL T6S Pros for YUNOS sibling product, so there is a question a lot of attention to the aircraft's friends, ThL T6S Pro phone in the end there is no pull-style flywheel set it? The answer seems to have ThL T6S Pro phones as more real machine photos presented. YUNOS released by the channel two photos show the complete ThL T6S Pro back design of the phone, a high degree of reflective aircraft back, looked texture, apparently joined the popular glass back panel, and chic main camera, fingerprint identification device YUNOS concepts such as shape and there is not much difference between the machines, there is only more rounded shape ThL T6S lines softer. The most important elements of this a few ThL T6S Pros to show the real machine photos - certainly; ThL T6S Pros; no flywheel equipped YUNOS concept machine, on the right side of the fuselage, could see significant volume key and Power ThL T6S Pro, as the body right side no protruding elements, is expected to put the SIM card slot and so on. Although there is no; flywheel; but according to the latest news, equipped with a system of ThL YUNOS coin is a mid-positioning of the product, it should be combined under real market pricing, so the 5.7 inch smartphone final price is worth the wait.