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MT6592 DOOGEE DG500C Review

MT6592 DOOGEE DG500C Review DOOGEE DG500C Plus DOOGEE DG500Ca Specifications 2GB/16GB A blast to the past – MT6582 cheap DOOGEE DG500C The LCD was great looking and the price was excellent for the specs. Eleven months ago DOOGEE changed the game with their evolutionary release — the DOOGEE DG500C. The DOOGEE DG500C, at the time, was one of the slickest looking mobiles on the market, and that included putting it up stylewise against the popular name brands as well. The best part of all, it was DOOGEE’s own design, not a clone of another brand or style. The LCD was great looking and the price was excellent for the specs. This phone came from As of 11-NOV-14 they are currently giving a free extra battery (2 batteries total) AND $10 off with coupon code “DOOGEEDOOGEE DG500Cplus” All was not gravy though. The original DOOGEE DG500C had quality control issues with the LCD, and quite a few people ended up with spots on the LCD with a bluish tint. For several people, the display came loose from frame, indicating an inferior adhesive. Quite a few people had issues with non-functioning GPS on the original DOOGEE DG500C as well. The biggest problem of all was the charging system in the DOOGEE DG500C, which simply didn’t have enough oomph to fully charge the already smallish 1830mA battery. To make matters worse,“official” new firmware updates came often, yet seemed to fix nothing for most people. There was also a Lewa based ROM released unofficially that ruined the home button for good, making it hyper sensitive regardless of which firmware was flashed after. Back to the present – DOOGEE V8 Fast forward eleven months to the present and DOOGEE seems to have learned a lot from their bumblings with the very popular DOOGEE DG500C. The DOOGEE V8 was released two months back and set a new standard for quality and style in the China phone market. or is it just the same old in shell & guts with the SoC swapped out? The DOOGEE V8 generally has been far better received. The screen is great, the build quality excellent, the firmware stable, fast 2-hour charging, and strong GPS and WiFi. Have they implemented what they’ve learned in the DOOGEE DG500C as well, or is it just the same old in shell & guts with the SoC swapped out? We will know shortly, but for now let’s review the specs of the MTK6592 DOOGEE DG500C. MT6592 DOOGEE DG500Ca DOOGEE DG500C Plus review SoC CPU GPU The new DOOGEE DG500C / DOOGEE DG500Ca, as opposed to the original DOOGEE DG500C, has an MTK6592 SoC. This is 8-cores clocked at 1.7GHz. It’s more than enough to run Android smoothly. The MT6592 SoC contains a Mali-450 MP4. This is a 4-core GPU and will run any modern 3D game smoothly on 720p or lower resolution. MT6592 Doogee DG550 review RAM ROM Storage The original DOOGEE DG500C had 1GB of RAM and 16GB ROM. 1GB of RAM is plenty for running Android to run smoothly, however it can’t hurt to have more. The new DOOGEE DG500C, in the RAM department will be upping the ante to 2GB, but storage will remain the same 16GB. DOOGEE-DOOGEE DG500C-mt6582-2 In respect to both RAM and ROM, 2GB/16GB is more than enough for the average user, and should be plenty for power users as well. The new DOOGEE DG500C also has a storage expansion slot for adding more SD storage. MT6592 DOOGEE DG500Ca DOOGEE DG500C Plus review battery The battery in the new DOOGEE DG500C will be 1830mA, same as with the old DOOGEE DOOGEE DG500C. I do find this a somewhat odd decision, given that one of the chief complaints about the old model DOOGEE DG500C was insufficient battery power. When charging the battery properly to 100% with an external charger, the older DOOGEE DG500C easily achieved 5 hours onscreen usage. However, as noted in the intro, the battery problem with the old DOOGEE DG500C was mostly due to an insufficient hardware charging system. When charging the battery properly to 100% with an external charger, the older DOOGEE DG500C easily achieved 5 hours onscreen usage. MT6592 DOOGEE DG500Ca DOOGEE DG500C Plus review Antutu Take a look at the Antutu of the DOOGEE DG500C. A very respectable score of nearly 27k. This is in the same ballpark as most 2GB MT6592 phones. Untitled MT6592 DOOGEE DG500Ca DOOGEE DG500C Plus review frequency support Somewhat disappointing here is seeing DOOGEE stick with 850/2100 only for WCDMA 3G support. Many of Doogee’s newer models, such as Doogee DG580 and even their sub-$90 Doogee DG310, as well as DOOGEE’s own DOOGEE V8 come with 850/1900/2100. The just reviewed sub-$90 Landvo L200 comes with quad-band 850/900/1900/2100 3G support. MT6592 DOOGEE DG500Ca DOOGEE DG500C Plus review specifications conclusion For many things we will have to wait until the review arrives to give a full comparison. Hopefully DOOGEE has stepped up the quality control with the new MTK6592 DOOGEE DG500C. It’s a bit surprising they haven’t upped the Rugged Phones battery capacity some and gone with more 3G frequency support. The former shouldn’t be a problem assuming they have fixed the charging system issue, but the latter could be a deal killer if requiring 1900 or 900. most people will not see a real world difference between 1GB and 2GB and MTK6592 vs MT6582 A very smart move would have been giving the DOOGEE DG500C a more significant make over with battery and frequency support, as opposed to SoC and RAM upgrade, as most people will not see a real world difference between 1GB and 2GB and MTK6592 vs MT6582, but longer onscreen time and better 3G support would surely be noticed by many.

iOcean X7S-T Review Antutu – Huge New Score

iOcean and Xiaomi have been running head to head, even dubbing their models with very similar nomenclature — Xiaomi using Mi3/Mi4 and iOcean using iOcean X7S-T sale. The first iOcean X7S-T Antutu scores showed in the 35,000 range, but a new Antutu score for the upcoming iOcean X7S-T has now been leaked to the net showing the iOcean X7S-T scoring an astronomical 52,811. The new score is possibly due to the iOcean X7S-T “high version” using a 2.2GHz version of the MT6595 SoC. If the results are real and not a Photoshop job, iOcean X1 3G could be likely, as the 2.2GHz version of MT6595 will be using a higher clocked GPU in addition to the higher clocked CPU, but the gap in the two scores are vast and it may be an entirely different SoC altogether. Previously reported specifications of the iOcean X7S-T include 1920*1152 display, 20.7mp main camera, use of “aircraft-grade magnesium alloy” materials and something I really like — a circular home key. As I’ve written often in the past, all it takes is one or two subtle and easily implemented changes to make a mobile unique and stand out in the crowd. iOcean is holding an official new conference on September 2nd and we will be giving a full iOcean X7S-T cheap unlocked cell phones review of specifications then.

Non-4G? DOOGEE Valencia DG800 specification changes


Suning phone recently issued a notice, DOOGEE Valencia DG800 series will purchase the latest DOOGEE Valencia DG800 exclusive debut in Suning, and disclosed configuration of the aircraft, but the initial release of information is not very reliable, there are many questions about the specifications, recently DOOGEE Valencia DG800 of Specifications are updated from the configuration point of view, the machine does not seem to support China Unicom 4G products. Product information pages Cheung situation publicly display, DOOGEE Valencia DG800 and DDOOGEEw almost the same specifications, just before the announcement; Unicom 4G; has become; Unicom 3G ; DOOGEE MAX DG650s OTG only supports WCDMA / GSM modes, with dual SIM card slots support dual card dual standby. It can be speculated that under the right circumstances if the parameters, using the eight-core 1.7GHz processor, the main frequency DOOGEEg perhaps with D616W, are MTK6592 solutions, and non-integrated LTE baseband version. In addition to the processor differ DDOOGEEw, DOOGEE Valencia DG800 operating memory only 1GB, screen and camera and other specifications identical with the former, with 5.5 inches 720P resolution screen, with 8G ROM, 500 万 +1300 megapixel camera and 2600 mA battery based on Android 4.4 custom DOOGEE Sense interface design has not changed, measurements are 156.6 * 78.74 * 7.99mm. It is reported that the first line of the Rugged Phones about the recent sale, Suning Tesco given reference price of 1699 yuan.