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iOcean special for the machine user resurrection and "leak" the new machine, code-named iOcean M6752?


Although the odd tiger and the public in mid-12 mobile phone manufacturers launched ending iOcean M6752 special for the machine and the user does not happy, but at the time, especially for the machine is synonymous iOcean M6752 thousand machines, get noticed many students and other user groups also made a star as big V, AK47 and other products, there are still a lot of users in the use of these products. So when Zhou announced redo smartphones when users get a lot of the old behind, but just at this juncture, how the years have been quiet for a iOcean M6752-user machine special for the official blog once again place the resurrection, and revealed some unexpected information. iOcean M6752 special for the machine user official microblogging recently issued a document called; Zhou do a new mobile phone, what about me? ; Seemingly quite; complaints; and patted his head actually know a person has received a lot of influence in the early iOcean M6752 special for the machine user to play their own advantages, of course, so many old mobile phone users to participate in a new project in the past, for example, gives some preferential measures. And as early as the end of last year, case for iOcean X1 area would mean for users who purchased the AK47 phones, iOcean M6752 free for those users are planning to change the new iOcean M6752 phone. Another machine is also special for iOcean M6752 users; understated; revealed some new mobile phone content, see its literal meaning, the new iOcean M6752 phone may still; AK47; the name, and a group; 0504; mysterious figures public, is it in May 4 is the new machine Published? But may not reflect the reality, red leader has said that the need eight months or so to carve new products, of course, does not rule out iOcean M6752 release of merchandise. At least we now know, the new iOcean M6752 before the mobile phone market, will be the first to release a safe, fast, low power core of customized systems, mobile phones,iOcean to get rid of all to see the smartphone; suffice people look forward to the.

Note that the configuration of the party! ThL T200 equipped version of the high reserve price breakdown is only 699 yuan


Although the next generation of mobile phones 100+ Bacardi seems to have in the foreseeable future, but in 2014 launched the product ThL T200 is still online Jingdong, Shop No. 1 and other platforms normal sales, with changes in the market environment, the price of this phone is a refresh a record low, as one of many model parameters party concerned. If the price of the world's best, this time to the number of the moment, and in the price war has been No. 1 store, Bacardi T200 mobile high version 32G re-open promotion, buy price is only 699 yuan, more than once quoted above lower and lower the price of 799 yuan hundred dollars, the price of the machine breakdown floor! Currently you can choose white porcelain, iron and silver Yun Yun tricolor. Because it is buy activities, there should be a time limit, the aircraft concerned mobile users not to be missed. Deserves special mention that, after 2GB RAM ThL T100S Iron Man purchase has iQIYI year VIP gift card, buy this type of activity will be subject to purchase in accordance with the box or without VIP card, such as the absence of official nor In replacement card. So the price is concerned, ThL T200 is undoubtedly one of the most equipped models in the same price, this machine uses 2GHz frequency MT6592T main eight-core processor with 5.5 inches screen 1080P full fit, 2G + 32G large memory and 500 Wan +1300 megapixel (Sony IMX135) dual camera and 3200 mA battery, running a custom ROM T200 Baidu cloud systems, and supports OTG, dual noise reduction wheat, back touch, gyroscope, dual card dual standby functions and sensors. We all know the biggest regret, 7 inch smartphones list can not support LTE networks.

64 eight-core + fingerprint to unlock new launch Cubot One

  Like many small brands at major domestic forces squeeze itself the market share is not high on most of the four-tier Cubot One have chosen to sea battles, targeting is still some profits Europe, America, Southeast Asia, etc. market, even if in many cities have set up shop experience Cubot phone is no exception, since last year, Cubot overall contraction in the domestic business, the focus shifted to overseas markets. For foreign users, Cubot has launched a series of products such as 4000, 5000 and T6, has come 64 LTE era, Cubot also made preparations, a code Cubot One official listing of new products. Cubot One is Pioneer's first New Year Hong Jiayuan flagship machine, look at the process, the core configuration, etc. under the more effort. The machine uses a one-piece metal frame, combined with the metal frame, so that the body is more robust. The machine simple and elegant appearance, citing the popularity of the upper and lower ends of the micro-arc design, smooth lines, with black, white + gold two color. Highlights that the treatment, after the shell surface of the back of the aircraft have wavy textures, the main part of the exaggerated camera, in addition to the main camera and lights, the bottom is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor. Cubot One core selling point to say, support fingerprinting and photographing two blocks is undoubtedly the main machine can support fingerprint to unlock more secure but also speed up the pace to unlock. Cubot has always stressed the camera, which has been reflected in the Monkey King series, the Cubot One also highlights, front of 800 million pixels, using the SONY IMX179 sensor, supports real beauty, the main camera sensor the same as the Sony, but the latest The IMX214, 13 million pixels, with f / 2.0 large aperture single pixel area, compared with 1.12 & mu; m, imaging much better than IMX135. Also CUBOT S208 smartphone is also the first use of Cubot's 64 eight-core processor models are equipped with the processor for MTK MT6752, clocked at 1.7GHz, with 2GB of memory and 16G of storage space to run, 5-inch-wide fit FHD-level screen resolution (1920 x 1080), there are 2700 mA battery capacity, support FDD-LTE / WCDMA / GSM dual sim dual standby, the system is a customized Android 4.4. Cubot product than the last year, Cubot Cubot One Rugged Phones with a comprehensive and beyond, but the price is still set at the thousand-level, overseas most platforms offer around $ 230, or about 1437 yuan.

CUBOT P7 flip covers released

If you have taken delivery of the 5.5-inch CUBOT P7 then you will of course want to keep your phone looking as good as new, why not with an official CUBOT P7 flip cover.

The Cubot GT95 flip case attaches to the rear of our phone via a clear plastic shell adding a hardy protective layer to the rear and soft leather look lid across the front. The hinged lid comes in either black or white and features a notification window meaning you can see the time, latest messages and control your music without opening.

Pricing for the CUBOT P7 case is less than $8 from on E-commerce site

The CUBOT P7 Dual Core Phone is a 5.5-inch Android smartphone with 2GB RAM, 64bit MT6752 processor, LTE and 8 mega-pixel main camera.

MTK MT6795 Lenovo A396's flagship handset reproduction

 Insiders have long ago broke the news, Lenovo A396 has been approved MT6795, subsequent rumors Lenovo A396's new flagship machine, there are eight nuclear powered MT6795 models exist, but have different code, have called Lenovo A396, there is news that the aircraft is a variant Hima Hima Ultra, now has more Xiangxi Lenovo A396 MTK6795 product news. From the perspective of the latest news upleaks announcement, Lenovo A396 carrying this MTK MT6795's new flagship solution is neither M9 Plus or Hima Ultar and Hima ACE, which will be code-named Lenovo A396. After confirmation of the code, Lenovo A396 quite Xiangxi specification information synchronization occurs, A396 will be equipped with eight-core 2GHz main frequency MT6795 64 LTE processor, memory specifications tough, run the memory up to 3GB, with 32GB of storage space, the screen part also surprisingly, Lenovo A396 will use 5.5 inches 2K display. The appearance of white, gray and brown, there will be a golden decoration. In addition to the above, according to the configuration diagram below show, Lenovo A396 camera equally impressive, such as the front or would like Lenovo A396 Desire 826, providing 4 million or 13 million pixel super pixel version for users to choose two front, the main camera for 20 million pixels. Another Lenovo A396 will have BoomSound front dual speakers, can match DotView protective sleeve. System, consistent with the previous outgoing messages,Lenovo Vibe X2 MediaTek will be the first application of the camp Sense7 (Android 5.0) models. Although the A396 has a flagship hardware, but not the Lenovo A396 flagship aircraft positioning, it is the desire Desire new series of products for high-end market, will launch Asian version A396 # DTUL and for Europe, Middle East and Africa region A396 # UL Asian version supports dual card standby. Currently unable to confirm the A396 will visit the domestic market, based on the early spread out the real machine spy speculated that the aircraft will have a great chance of the licensed version. Also assume that these specifications are true, then the Watch Phonesbecome MediaTek camp flagship product is no longer true

Double metal frame mirror one Cubot S200 first off the official website


Compared to a lot of the same type and brand, Cubot S200 rate of new handsets available foot; fast; to describe, after four CUBOT S208, phone quickly launched a full CNC version of the former, a new generation of products and they have a little pepper 6 arrival, although uncommon update speed, but in terms of quality, Cubot S200 phone but did not fall, each product has its own highlights. After the rally for a long time, known as the most beautiful spicy Cubot S200 phone officially listed six aircraft on the phone a few days ago in a small chili official store on sale starting spot to provide black and white color, priced at 1799 yuan. Users to buy the aircraft can get a free $ 399 gift package, in addition to one year free replacement of broken screen broken screen risks were presented. In recent years, more emphasis Cubot S200 phone product design, process, spicy 6 in the body, not only for Cubot One with an integrated metal frame to make the machine more robust in appearance, but also the first application of a dual-mirror design, > is the back of the fuselage has a glass cover, the latter case is more glare CD texture, thickness thin enough, the main camera is completely non-protruding, is covered under a glass cover. Photograph is part of the machine can not be ignored, the official website of the information, Cubot S200 6 is equipped with up to 20-megapixel main camera, front of 800 million pixels, the application of a new camera algorithm, night shot without the flash will be able to get good imaging , super wide-angle front supports self-timer, support real beauty camera functions. Core solutions, aircraft equipped with MTK MT6732 quad-core LTE processor 64 can support mobile 4G / 3G / GSM network dual card dual standby, 5 inches 720P Octa Core Phone is equipped with a full fit screen, 1G + 16G memory and 2000 mA battery, support and practical common infrared remote sensor function.

ZTE Nubia Z7 Screenshot shows Android 5.0 Lollipop

With the wait for Snapdragon 810 processors, we have some time before the flagship ZTE Nubia Z7 will be available, but at least we know it is getting Android 5.0 Lollipop.

A developer working on the ZTE Nubia Z7 has posted a photo of an Antutu screenshot from the flagship phbalet. As you can see in the Antutu results the device we are looking at is a octacore, 64bit model with a 2K (1440 x 2560) display.

The ZTE Nubia Z7 Max Antutu details also show us that this version of the ZTE Nubia Z7 has Android 5.0 Lollipop too! That will surely make the most of the 64bit Snapdragon 810 processor.

Another interesting detail is that the development machine is named the quad core smartphone on . Our guess this was an internal name later dropped to prevent the obvious comparisons with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Naked eye 3D gaming Doogee Turbo DG2014 phone snail W3D start booking

 Field trips focused on hand recently snail moving on its own at CES showed the latest gaming hardware Doogee DG2014 OGS screen including support for the replacement of hardware modules Android game console OBOX, another naked eye the latest 3D gaming phone W3D also debut. Unexpected, although snail W3D just walked into people's vision, but to market this new machine does not slow, the machine has been moving in a snail official website for booking. Snail W3D appointment starting today, an appointment as of December 20, the user has the opportunity to make an appointment to get free single opportunity, unfortunately, the price for the snail W3D official has not disclosed by the previous generation 78P01 first developed in 1999 yuan price speculation aircraft price may be around 2K. Snail new generation of video gaming phone upgrade parts, adding eye-tracking naked eye 3D technology is revolutionizing the W3D brought change people's gaming experience from the visual. Official data show that the use of eye-tracking technology W3D snail with the naked eye 3D technology, coupled with an infrared emitter and front cameras to calculate the perspective and distance, can pinpoint the location of the human eye, provides a 360-degree 3D display, as long as the 3D technology development the game, snails W3D can achieve 3D display, 3D perspective in game control for severe hand tour, no doubt, is a great boon. Snail W3D screen size of 5.5 inches, 1080P-level resolution, display size than its predecessor improve a lot, DOOGEE VOYAGER DG300 also carried out to strengthen the sound, equipped with dual stereo amplifier, in order to enhance sound quality. A play-based product selling point, of course, on the basis of high specification hardware, snails W3D will use MTK MT6595 flagship eight-core chip, with 2GB of memory to run and 13 million pixel camera, battery life is also worth looking forward to, aircraft battery capacity reached 4000 mA, the system is Android 4.4 (can go up 5.0). Powerful network compatibility, snails W3D supports five frequency module 12 (Mobile Unicom 4G / 3G / 2G-take-all). Besides professional keys and buttons automatically adapts like a lot of other functions snail Doogee official, the button also joined the translucent design, very beautiful.

iNew V3 Ultrathin much anticipated update

Ah, Android Lollipop – the iNew V3 Ultrathin much anticipated update to Google's OS that brought about that modernistic visual overhaul everyone seems to be craving – the Material Design. But of course, Android 5.0 is more than pretty visuals – there is lots going on under the hood, looking to provide a more stable, smooth, and powerful performance.


Of course, such big new releases are not without faults and no company is safe from launching a dud. As you probably remember, iOS 8.0 caused a lot of headaches for users and Apple alike (especially the 8.0.1 update), so did iOS 8.1, which was released as soon as the new iPad Airs were announced. This prompted for updates to be released in rapid succession, with some ironing still left to be done.

Well, Google's iNew i8000 Android is also angering early adopters, as the hot-out-of-the-oven 5.0.1 update has been reported to have a nasty memory leak, which tends to take up 1.3+ GB of RAM, resulting in on-screen apps constantly being force closed and the used phone auto-returning to home screen often. A thread on the Android Issue Tracker forum has been opened and users have reported various Nexus devices to be afflicted (2013 tablets, Nexus 4, 5, and 6), so it appears no one is safe.

The good news is that the cause of the memory leak may have been pinpointed and the thread has been closed and marked as “FutureRelease”, which means that the fix will be added to an incoming update (which update, and when, is unknown, but we'd imagine – as soon as Wifi TV Phones Android devs can arrange for it to happen).

DOOGEE introduces a $124 DOOGEE FIND DG510 version

Back in January, DOOGEE chose CES 2014 for the avenue that would see the official unveiling of its new line of DOOGEE FIND DG510devices. The company introduced a total of 3 devices, with screens sizes that ranged from 4 to 6 inches – the DOOGEE 4, the DOOGEE FIND DG510, and the DOOGEE 6. DOOGEE recently made it clear that it won't go to Intel for the line's upcoming generational update (announcement set for CES 2015 in January again), and will likely rely on either MediaTek or Qualcomm for their processors. While the DOOGEE line seems to have been pretty successful overall, the company is now moving to fill the gap left between today and CES 2015 with a new, lighter version of the DOOGEE FIND DG510 – the DOOGEE FIND DG510. As mentioned, the 5 Lite is a slightly stripped-down version of the standard DOOGEE FIND DG510, with a 5-inch, qHD display (540 x 960, 220 ppi), a dual-core Intel Atom Z2520 processor clocked at 1.2GHz, 1GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel rear camera with f/2.8 lens, and 8GB of microSD-expandable internal storage. The Doogee DG550 device is of the dual SIM type, which is a popular feature in Asia, where it is being released next week (specifically, in the Philippines) for the equivalent of just $124. The only spec that has been bumped up from the regular version is the battery capacity – from 2110 to 2500 mAh. The handset runs on Android 4.4 KitKat with DOOGEE' proprietary ZenUI slapped on top. Availability outside of the buy android phone is likely, but unconfirmed.