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China called XIAOMI M2? Yue Meng announced the new machine more information

  Lenovo's official Twitter India bursts Recently several new messages for the upcoming XIAOMI M2 LCD Screen preheated known; KillerNOTE ;, although overseas fiery campaign, but the country did not have much movement, whether K4 NOTE will visit the domestic market as many lemon music fans look forward to. Recently, Lenovo Mobile insiders suspected of a mysterious new machine music lemon-based, more informed sources of the aircraft is very likely that the Indian market is starting music lemon K4 NOTE. User name @ salted fish stand up after the latest test release of a small tail of microblogging, microblogging its tail impressively displayed as - Legend Music lemon XIAOMI M2, and television media peopleVetrax arrogant TV on the web is hinted recently wide dissemination of music and music lemon lemon K4 NOTE XIAOMI M2 might be with a model. If the two products is really the same phone, then lemon K4 NOTE music name should apply only to India and other overseas markets, the domestic music may lemon XIAOMI M2 naming places, at home and abroad adopt different practices in the name of history and the Lenovo mobile phone Many see. In addition, more rumors surfaced this product, music lemon XIAOMI M2 There may be a change in the design process, perhaps using double-sided glass body, while XIAOMI Hongmi Redmi LCD Screen through official Twitter also confirmed specifications 3GB of memory to run, in order to enhance security, lemon music on the new machine might use fingerprint recognition, which is hinted at on Twitter. Grapevine that music lemon K4 NOTE possible to use helio X10 / MT6795 eight-core processor, but this has not been confirmed, some time ago has been a coincidence that the association's MT6755 / helio P10 mobile phone to run sub-exposure (Lenovo K52a47 / A7020) , this MTK6755 phone using 3GB of memory to run, so happy lemon XIAOMI M2 (or K4 NOTE) there is a certain probability of carrying the new slim handset MediaTek eight-core solutions MTK6755. Have to admit, the launch of this year's music is a XIAOMI acclaimed thousand phone, the aircraft close to the people to ensure the price, brings the past with the price of Lenovo mobile phones that are not higher specification, such as 5.5 inches FHD screen, MT6752 eight-core, 2G memory on and so on, more sound technology and continuing to strengthen the appeal system updates, as music XIAOMI MI3 LCD Screen iterative product, there is no reason not to look forward to this happy lemon XIAOMI M2.

2G + 32G memory sided glass fingerprint New xiaomi Redmi Note 2 wise listing


One xiaomi be followed by the Touch Screen Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 mobile phone handset market development trend of the company, in recent years, no less launch LTE, fingerprint and other different positioning of the product, at the same time and a lot of small brands, xiaomi believed the alliance with YUNOS get more profit. Recently, xiaomi's faith in the product use YUNOS system has added a new model, this product is an internal name for xiaomi letter xiaomi Redmi Note 2 wise, a lot of aircraft Aspect, and offer online can be considered kind. xiaomi letter xiaomi Redmi Note 2 wise fashion design, rendering at least manifested fashion is still quite strong, this new use of a popular two-mirror design, the front cover Corning Gorilla three generations, surrounded arc to be treated equally at the back edge After 2.5D polished, the frame is metal. In addition, the thickness of this new machine to do a relatively thin level, the case of the main camera without protrusions only 6.9mm. Not only has a slim design,Xiaomi Red Note 4G LCD wise Base Specification equally punctuate place, the machine is the newest member of YUNOS models, built YUNOS system, equipped YUNOS product was very common MTK chip, quad-core 64 MT6735P bit processor, memory capacity than 98 percent of xiaomi product more, using a combination of 2G RAM + 32G ROM and is equipped with a 5.5 inches HD resolution display and technology on cell 2500mAh battery, 4G support mobile Unicom double double card dual standby. In addition, it is also a fingerprint recognition phone with back push solutions that can quickly unlock the screen. xiaomi Redmi Note 2 price wise surprising, currently the cheapest offer online only 899 yuan, so the price, plus the fairly mainstream specifications, features, history and products in xiaomi rare, perhaps the official market price guide BUY 5.7 inch smartphone will be more expensive.

Starting lapse! 5.5mm / metal fingerprints on the new machine Oneplus One open R9 reservation


Oneplus One fought in the Tempered Glass Screen Oneplus One mobile phone market was adamant short catch introduced two new machines, but has been listed on the integration of the two products are not popular fingerprint recognition, this shortcoming in lightning launch of the Blue Devils R9 who has been to make up for it product closer to the mainstream mobile phone demand, both fingerprint recognition, but also all-metal body and a higher base configuration. December 15, R9 to the Oneplus One first mobile phone fingerprint identity debut, the aircraft started a few days ago in the official appointment mall, at 10:00 on December 21 the first round of buying, the first subscriber can get quadruple manners, first Appointment enjoy preferential purchase price, the original price of 2,199 yuan in the first round of the Oneplus One R9 lapse hundred dollars, only 2099 yuan. In addition, users can also get the first appointment to buy mobile power, the self-stick, headphones and other accessories, there are also free to take cell phone sweepstakes. Oneplus One R9 finally clear of the core specification, the design, R9 and MOS1 / MOS1 MAX differ, the Oneplus One SIM Card Eject Pin Handling needle not only has to create aviation magnesium alloy unibody, there are very thin thickness of 5.5mm and weighs about 133g . The multi-faceted crystal edge of frame design in MOS1 family who adopted him and did not extend to R9, R9 in the circular surface of the frame is processed, a unique package edge design, gray, silver, gold and pink four-color. As previously surmised, using 1.3GHz eight-core processor, the main frequency R9 chose the Oneplus One MTK chipset, processor MTK MT6753, compatible mobile Unicom double 4G dual card dual standby, equipped with 5.2 inches 1080P resolution display ( 2.5D glass), memory to 3G + 32G, equipped with 13 million pixel Sony IMX214 sensor stack main camera and 500-megapixel front camera self-timer, because thin enough, the aircraft's battery capacity is not large, is 2300mAh, run Android 5.1 custom MOUI 2.0. The main focus of this phone fingerprint function, using the back of the push-fingerprint identification scheme, in addition to supporting high recognition rate and 360 degree identification, the Blue Devils R9 recognition speed even more surprising, the fastest 0.2S can unlock! In addition, Mpie Accessories also has a fingerprint memory function (self-learning), anti-static, and other functions.

Goophone S5 Elite two Shazhao exposure to sound service!

Goophone S5 Elite was removed and other small models, earlier this year out of a big wave exposure VIBE new machine has been in the domestic market, the most recent one is the VIBE X3, this phone will now confirm the identity of the new Lenovo Music lemon debut, the exact name for the sake of Goophone S5 Elite. Music lemon regard recently has officially announced the release of X3 lemon music time, also made it clear that music Goophone S5 Elite will be focused; sound; expected sound quality than the K3 / K3 NOTE other products have greatly enhanced recently, the music of Goophone S5 Elite Two related features and sound quality to get exposure. Lenovo officially launched the referendum; guess the price; activities accidents; leak; Goophone S5 Elite new feature music, this time out of the content is still and exposure; sound; relevant, the core of the quality service. The first major highlight of the music is Goophone S5 Elite will join once used in products such as Lenovo S8 4G body Dolby Atmos technology, through this technology, users can get immersive sound effects live like on the phone. Second, the music Goophone S5 Elite confirmed integrate separate audio chip, and it is; strong; the HIFI chip, the moment to play the main selling point of the product quality applications than most ESS ES9018 this classic DAC, music or have a chance Goophone S5 Elite use. Another who still holds partly concealed propaganda figures, revealing the music Goophone S5 Elite tip of the iceberg, in addition to positive music Goophone S5 Elite is already proven network association X3 series, but also the side of the pre-show music Goophone S5 Elite will double speaker design allows sound to be more incisive play. Early VIBE X3 renderings accompanied by buy Goophone S5 Pro confirm the identity of the music, this new work of music lemon core specification has no suspense at all, except for the key recommendation of the sound part, Le Goophone S5 Elite is expected to use 5.5 inches 1080P screen, Xiaolong 808 processor and 3G running memory and 21 million pixel camera, dual Netcom will launch 32G and 64G high version of the entire network, both of which support the integration of fingerprint identification. In addition, perhaps there will be a lower standard of music Goophone S5 Elite lite version launched simultaneously, although this version also has fingerprint recognition capabilities, but the processor is replaced by MTK MT6753, a more regular basis configuration 2G memory on and so on. Interestingly, many of the phone during a dual 11 have impressive price, but expect to start music Goophone S5 Elite true love pink minority, even; hard to hold back double 11 did not start with raw millet Huawei Meizu Music Goophone S5 Elite; the voices. In this activity on speculation the price of music Goophone S5 Elite, most music flour music Goophone S5 Elite hope the price is still close to a thousand dollars, so guess 1K5 or less up to the sale price of the X3, however, the real price of music Goophone S5 Elite Rugged Phones also need to wait until November 16 in the conference announced.

No.1 X2 X-man of new products faster speed / camera fast there is a large memory?


Many new products debut one after the first show, and finally turn the No.1 X2 X-man sale, choose a niche brand new aircraft of World War II broke out and then zoom trick, this thing No.1 X2 X-man previously done, and often wonders. No.1 X2 X-man recently announced its own flagship; fast; new products coming, given the current 4G RAM + 32G ROM has a large memory No.1 X2 X-man X5Pro Mars Rescue limited edition has already begun on the line, a lot of speculation that No.1 X2 X-man; fast; the machine is this X5Pro Ultimate, but the combination of vote before the official open speculation, No.1 X2 X-man time the launch should not be exposed to a new phone. After issuing racing gift, the official held a named; NO.1 X-Men X1 models of new conjecture; voting, so users guess the membership of the new series, from the current number of votes is not difficult to see that everyone seems to have no end in mind, new products both may belong Xplay , Xshot, may also belong to the X series, but in recent years a lot of new X series, a higher top two series of new possibilities, and hopes to launch Xplay No.1 X2 X-man or in No.1 X2 X-man Xshot series of new fans a few. Although specific identity No.1 X2 X-man is also full of too many new uncertainties, but this time the new machines Weaver to; fast; as a selling point is captive, the official recently a group of publicity plan also suggests a new machine or have the following feature, first photographed fast, capable of fast focusing grab a good photo; followed by faster speeds, faster can grab a red envelope; finally, memory, and X5Pro new version, the new store design will use the Grand Canal. About No.1 X2 X-man Another new machine associated with the processor rumors, gossip said, No.1 X2 X-man new machine might Xiaolong processor 820 or MTK tle 'target =' _ blank '> choose between MT6797 / helio X20 both No.1 X2 X-man recent star product no less use MTK chip, the new arrival; fast; machine equipped with MediaTek 10 core processor may not without. You Changba me play, dare to release new tide coming to an end after the new, presumably No.1 X2 X-man Rugged Phones is sure to have good strength, November 4, No.1 X2 X-man may announce more news, interested users can look forward to it.

DOOGEE flagship long DOOGEE Valencia DG800 memory on the voyage or upgrade to 2GB

  Informed sources, the latest generation of DOOGEE Valencia DG800 voyage series products coming to market, the exposure of the spy photos out of 3 is already confirmed voyage DOOGEE DOOGEE network Q529 series aircraft have a mobile, multiple versions Unicom Telecom, continued the voyage series of core Features - long standby as the main selling point. According to the Ministry of network data, the DOOGEE Q529C / T / E three products are shipped 1G memory, obviously, on memory, the upcoming voyage 3 Comparative voyage 2 / voyage 1 did not significantly improved too, so the message out After being Tucao a lot of users, call the resurgence of memory upgrade for a few sound. Recently insider then 3 for DOOGEE voyage burst of new material, voyage 3 memory will usher in the upgrade. It is reported that the voyage will operate in addition to the agreed 3-plate outside, will be launched specifically for the electricity supplier channels customized online public version of the Doogee Dagger DG550 public version will adopt a more mainstream 2GB of memory to run, to meet user requirements while improving its own memory Attractive, but whether the contract will be upgraded version is still unknown. Currently known sources, the internal model for the resurgence Q529 voyage 3 will continue to use 5 inches HD small screen, powered by MTK MT6735 quad-core processor with 8G storage space and 5M / 8M camera and Android 5.1 system, the battery capacity of more than 4000mAh at the same time, the size of more than 2 Xianxiu voyage process will be improved. If DOOGEE voyage 3 Pricing is still to generation products such as the voyage route to go as close to the people, then (2 voyage now sold 599 yuan),oneplus Accessories memory upgrades voyage after three undoubtedly more competitive.

Elephone G9 phone release date to determine the new machine Aspect Summary

Follow the site's users may know, once the open price of Elephone G9 phone has decided to force the mobile phone industry, the introduction of new machines Elephone G9, until now, revealed by the official channels came out a little information about the new machine Elephone G9, and a few days ago Elephone G9 invitation letter, identified by the release of new time Elephone G9 phone. Invitations sent to the media show, Elephone G9 new machine will not be available in October in the lively, choosing instead to debut in November, the afternoon of November 2, Elephone G9 phone conference will be held in Beijing the new machine Crowne Plaza Hotel. The official likened to this conference; youth big lie; obvious, Elephone G9 new machine still is a necessity for the younger user groups smartphones, and that the conference is lush; ground-breaking; rebirth, plus the official has been before Open new LOGO vote, there may be a new mobile phone brand image Elephone G9. New information in recent days by summarizing Elephone G9 start to appear, we can draw a preliminary conclusion - Elephone G9 new machine has a large screen is a high with a mobile phone, may be beyond any previous Elephone G9 product specifications. First, the machine will have a large screen, and buy Elephone P5000 is; more; in view of the past, Elephone G9 have launched 5.7 inches screen of products, the new machine has reason to 6 inches; second, the machine's memory capacity also attractive enough memory to run the 3GB; surprise third at the latest aircraft is expected to carry 64 eight-core processors, such as MTK MT6795 or MT6753; a large-screen phone, the greater the battery capacity is indispensable small, lush new machine might have more long-term endurance. The most anticipated natural or prices, now high with numerous products, we have to remove these, Elephone G9 is to give users a surprise old price is the last word, in the absence of better information before the new, Elephone G9 3.5 inch phone new mobile phones for the time being the price of geometry test To be objective.

Ulefone Ali again teamed Ulefone Be Touch 2 or appearance Yunqi Assembly

Since Ulefone Ulefone phone inception, has been to concentrate force female phone market, with the homogenization of buy Ulefone Be Touch 2 smart phones increasingly serious situation, and intelligent machines to users of desalination sex, many people are not optimistic about the Ulefone, but after these Development, the Ulefone phone not only online under development was good, in the female phone market volume to save a lot of reputation and influence. Products, the introduction of non-stop Ulefone each year, a variety of Aspect of the new machines, including a variety of new flagship series L Allure slim and stylish design, and if the new army S3 iSuper precious stone, recently Ulefone also hinted restart in collaboration with Ali, or jointly launched a new product based YUNOS system. Jan. 15, 2015 Ali upcoming Annual General Assembly Yunqi, in addition to publishing the new phones for YUNOS navigation and other equipment, and allow the device to wear tailored YUNOS For Waer, a variety of mysterious new machine will debut YUNOS. Sent to the outside of the invitation, the partners will have the name of Ulefone. And just recently, the Ulefone for the first time expressed respect, after Joe C1, Council and Ali YUNOS to launch mystery product, the combination of the two, the Ulefone phone Yunqi conference showing the new product is quite clear. The Almighty MIIT certification site, there have been a Ulefone system equipped YUNOS new machine, the machine attached to L Allure series, model Ulefone Ulefone Be Touch 2, are equipped with the version YUNOS 3.18, and another 5.2 inches 1080P resolution rate AMOLED screen, 1.3GHz eight-core processor main frequency (MTK MT6753), 2G + 16G memory and 8 million / 13 million-pixel cameras configuration. Surprising that the machine design, in addition to the continuation of L series of light, thin, rounded features, the Ulefone be touch's design style than ever like iPhone L series, especially after the positive entity key equipment. Need to understand that the Ulefone product line, very few models will use the entity HOME button design, Lenovo to YUNOS recently pushing more secure fingerprint recognition technology, Ulefone Ulefone Be Touch 2 is very likely Ulefone's first fingerprint recognition phone. Since YUNOS re-appearance, Ali's appeal is simple and clear, Constructing YUNOS perfect ecosystem-based, to achieve this goal, Ali chose the way of subsidies to many small-brand joint cooperation, in order to promote YUNOS, grow camp, focus on the women's market, with the next line rich Quad Core Phone  channels to join, perhaps YUNOS will bring new vitality.

NO.1 X1 X-Men "brother" Blu publish Helio X10 flagship Pure XL


Also remember that once in the run sub-site exposure Blu NO.1 X1 X-Men / Pure XL it? This specification is almost identical with the flagship NO.1 X1 X-Men phone officially released overseas, the aircraft eventually named PURE XL. With the publication of official data, we can see BLU flagship phone is not only in line with the specifications to NO.1 X1 X-Men, and even design is exactly the same, is simply the overseas version of NO.1 X1 X-Men. As shown in Figure, BLU PURE XL long a NO.1 NO.1 X1 X-Men and the same face, the positive and the back of the design is almost no difference, the same 164x82.2x9.6mm measurements and about 202g of weight, with gold and dark gray two kinds Colour. If I have to find a different place, so naturally LOGO, the back replaced; BLU; brand logo, in addition, BLU PURE XL custom Android 5.1 system UI style and NO.1 X1 X-Men also differ. BLU PURE XL's core specification completely; copy; MANN ZUG 5S 4G LTE phone, equipped with MediaTek MTK MT6795 / helio X10 eight-core processor, built-in 3G RAM and 64G ROM large memory and 3500mAh battery, with six inches 2K Ultra HD SuperAMOLED large screen, 24 million pixels The main camera supports lossless photographs, can also support LTE networks. The biggest difference is the price, it is known NO.1 NO.1 X1 X-Men is the price of a relatively small number of 4K products, the machine is priced at 3,999 yuan, while the Watch Phones bare this PURE XL phones offer about $ 350, down conversion nearly 1,700 cheaper than the NO.1 X1 X-Men Yu Yuan.

Lenovo S856 real photos leak, depict OnePlus 2-like profile switch button


Reports may have suggested that Lenovo S856’s done with making phones under its own brand name, but info about the upcoming S856 keeps coming. Only yesterday did the S856 leak, confirming its specs which also include a massive 5000mAh battery. Chinese outlets have managed to get their hands on some real life pictures of the phone, which depict a device that is far from being as ugly as a 5000mAh phone should be! What the leaked pictures also show is a Lenovo P780 -style profile switch button on the left. Are these here to stay? Coming back to the S856, the phone does look thick but not to the extent of being ‘fat’. The SIM slots are placed at a very ‘unique’ location, so much so that you’ll have to take off the top of the phone to access the SIM slots and the microSD card slot. Word is that the Lenovo phone will be somewhere around the US$300 mark when it does come out, which is expected to be the upcoming IFA.