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ThL T6S Pro phone more real machine Shots sure no "flywheel"


ThL long silence suddenly announced to join hands to create a new smart phone YUNOS after the news came out, buyThL T6S Pro quickly attracted a lot of users of the hot, with a unique design concept YUNOS machine has been out of a lot of the limelight in the MWC, as ThL T6S Pro phones Appearances do the perfect bedding. YUNOS well known concept of machine design is the most characteristic side; flywheel;, except instead of the traditional volume keys to adjust the volume to achieve, combined with a custom carousel shortcut menu system, but also to achieve fast turn different functions, be regarded as a special stand alone and practical industrial design. Because the official called the phone ThL T6S Pros for YUNOS sibling product, so there is a question a lot of attention to the aircraft's friends, ThL T6S Pro phone in the end there is no pull-style flywheel set it? The answer seems to have ThL T6S Pro phones as more real machine photos presented. YUNOS released by the channel two photos show the complete ThL T6S Pro back design of the phone, a high degree of reflective aircraft back, looked texture, apparently joined the popular glass back panel, and chic main camera, fingerprint identification device YUNOS concepts such as shape and there is not much difference between the machines, there is only more rounded shape ThL T6S lines softer. The most important elements of this a few ThL T6S Pros to show the real machine photos - certainly; ThL T6S Pros; no flywheel equipped YUNOS concept machine, on the right side of the fuselage, could see significant volume key and Power ThL T6S Pro, as the body right side no protruding elements, is expected to put the SIM card slot and so on. Although there is no; flywheel; but according to the latest news, equipped with a system of ThL YUNOS coin is a mid-positioning of the product, it should be combined under real market pricing, so the 5.7 inch smartphone final price is worth the wait.